How must it feel to love Ronaldo?

On a day when there’s not much news to tell about Ronaldo, CRF’s Chief Editor Angela Asante takes the opportunity to ask viewers how it feels to support Cristiano Ronaldo.

The recently crowned Fifa World Player of the Year currently receives more negative criticism than praises. If it’s not about his body gesture on the pitch, it’s about a comment he made about himself; if it’s not about his “diving antics”, it’s about his “big game flop habit”…

Well, in general, the public always has something bad to say about Ronaldo!

This controversial 23 year old boy has a lot of supporters though around the world, which includes you perhaps.
So how must if feel to be one Ronaldo fan amongst a million Anti-Ronaldo supporters?

Is there a feeling of pride, shame or excitement to love Manchester United talismanic number 7 Cristiano Ronaldo?

Post your comment, describing your situation as a Ronaldo fan, and explaining your feelings about being a Ronaldo lover!

Ronaldo and the world would love to hear from you!!

Written by: Angela Asante

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