Can He Deal with the Pressure? A New Passion and Game for Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has his sights on a new deal, this time in the form of Poker cards. Like many professional stars before him, The 34-year old has found a new way to splash his millionaire fortune and this is within the biggest casinos in the world, from Melbourne to Las Vegas, Ronaldo has been spotted and endorsing the card game and has even teamed up with the PokerStars outfit to promote the competition that has also seen other sporting legends such as Shane Warne and Rafael Nadal take part in the events. So, how good is he? Is his eye on the ball or does his skill firmly remain on the pitch?

The G.O.A.T Feeds Off Pressure

The appeal of poker is evident and is the #1 played game within the online casinos USA has. It’s an eye game to play but few have the mastery of it. The game comes with multi-million payouts which add to the appeal and receives many televised games when it comes to the World Championships. Though skill, notwithstanding, anyone can beat anyone on the day, and this adds to the pressure of any player, one of which Ronaldo has fed off throughout his whole career.

Ronaldo “Although Football is my world, its poker that has always been my game.” He found a passion for the game more than 5 years ago because of the strategy and entertainment values it produced. He had always been a master of knowing how his opponent work, it is of no question and many have seen how in charge of the Portuguese national team he is, more so than the manager, as highlighted in the Euro Finals which he won in 2016.

Guessing Your Opponents Moves is What Sets Him Apart

Ronaldo has played many poker games and big prizes tournaments over the past 5 years with the inclusion of charity matches, most notably the one where he played against Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame. This and many others he had won, which makes his talents seem limitless. The world’s greatest footballer has travelled the world in his free time to continue his passion for the game and when you are as big as Ronaldo, you don’t struggle to get a seat at one of the biggest stake tables.

There is no doubt that his talent for poker has progressively got better with time, as with anything, the more you play, the more you practice, the better you become. Online casinos are no different from the land-based game, in fact, it is a lot more convenient and can reward players with a bigger return. Perhaps Ronaldo has been using this in his spare time to up his game.

One thing is for sure, that when the time comes to hang up his boots, he will be able to become a professional poker player in no time.

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