HEAD TO HEAD : Galatasaray vs Real Madrid (9 April 2013)Champions League Quarter-Finals


Real Madrid will visit Ali Samin Yen Stadium for the second leg Champions League quarter-finals round against Galatasaray next Tuesday. Today, the team departs for Turkey, and will be scheduled to arrived after 8 pm.

Facing The White, Galatasaray will need more than just skill and luck. To win the game and enter the semi-final round, they have to score 4 goals to nothing.

“After losing 3-0, you will need miracle. But in football there is always posibility, even though I have to admit that it won’t be easy to beat Real Madrid,” said Fatih Terin after the first leg match.

“Playing at Istanbul infront thousands of our supporters, we will perform a beautiful football, he added.

Despite accepting Real Madrid’s victory on the first leg, Terin criticized  referee’s decision for not rewarding his team with 2 penalties. According to Terin, they should get penalty after Sami Khedira handball in penalty box and when Madrid’s player violate one of his team in front of the goal post.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid came to Turkey with the advantage of 3 points, which help to secure their confidence to face the away game. To win the game, Real Madrid only need to play defensive. Therefore, if Mourinho’s squad keep calm in defence, there’s 90% of chance that they will bring home victory for the second time.


3rd Apr, 2013 (UCL) Real Madrid 3 – 0 Galatasaray
24th Aug, 2011 (UCL) Real Madrid 2 – 1 Galatasaray


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