Guest debate article regarding the Ronaldo transfer rumors

Since June 19th, the Euros are over for Cristiano Ronaldo. One could suggest that Portugal’s exit is due to the fact that talismanic Ronaldo might have been distracted because of matters surrounding his club future.

And who knows if this is indeed the true reason?

Whichever is the cause, the reality is that Portugal could not make it into the semifinals and that Cristiano Ronaldo can now concentrate on his future with Manchester United.

It’s clearly apparent that the winger wants to leave Old Trafford for Real Madrid. However contractual terms with Manchester United prevent him from playing for the Spanish Giants come next season. Therefore, in Thursday’s meeting with Alex Ferguson, Ronnie will hope to convince his boss.

Real Madrid is a club who often wins in transfer cases. After being able to sign Beckham from Manchester, perhaps will they get the other number 7 shirt too: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid President Raymond Calderon earlier told the media that his club weren’t “chasing” the Portuguese star though United’s Chairman David Gill insists the Spanish club have used “illegal” manners to try and take Ronaldo away from his current club.

Is United then trying to accuse Real Madrid of manipulating the young man?

Probably yes. But now Cristiano Ronaldo has firmly set up his mind on quitting the English Premiership as he stated in an interview that he doesn’t mind bothering Fergie.

He still hasn’t officially announced his plans but brief comments describe his feelings; Madrid is the club of his dreams and a move to Spain will break Zidan’s transfer price record.

Ronaldo is a talented player with an attractive personality who loves glamorous ladies such as his new girlfriend Nereida Guallardo. So why not go to Real which is believed by many to be a more glamorous club than Manchester United?

So, Ronaldo’s transfer saga is a war between a player’s opinion and a club’s decision..

Alex has promised to resist Franco’s team Real Madrid in their will to sign their star. If he can, then Ronaldo will end up staying at Old Trafford next season.

But what good is it to have an uncommitted talisman in a squad?

On Thursday, everything will be revealed;

Who will come up victorious from this long running battle?

Written by: Angela Asante


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