Gossip News : Cristiano Ronaldo Was Tricked By the Media to Sleep With Naya

nayaShocking news from the latest Cristiano Ronaldo short fling with Naya, who spilled all about their love experience in the media. It has been reported that Naya has claimed that she was paid by the Spanish media to sleep with the Real Madrid star, and then to report back on his performance.

She got paid around € 5000 to do that, which probably millions of women accross the world would be dying to do it for free. Naya seems to have no problem on spilling everything if it means more attention on her. This includes her saying that she couldn’t compare Cristiano abs with Kiko ‘Paquirrin’, since Paquirrin’s abs is like a  ‘sack of potatoes’.

According to Naya, the ex-fiancee of Kiko “Paquirrín” Rivera (apparently Spain’s answer to Robert Pattinson), she met Cristiano after Real Madrid’s match against Villarreal and successfully accomplished the mission for which she was paid € 5000.  Why did Cristiano, who was romantically linked to Paris Hilton and, most recently, Kim Kardashian pick this random girl?

This news will certainly let the media be more creative and tricky in finding story about the Portuguese player. Watch out , Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry, or anyone out there… it could be you who be the next victim !!


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