First Leg of El Clasico Supercopa Season 2012/13 – Ronaldo vs Messi


The Supercopa El Clasico first leg match will be held at Camp Nou tonight. As the opening game of season 2012/13, the match will determine which is the best between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The question is, will Real Madrid survive the game, knowing that they didn’t start the league season in a fancy way after a 1-1 draw over Valencia last week ?

As for Barcelona, it’s out of the question. They have succeeded in tasting their first league victory of the season by trashing Real Sociedad with an amazing 5-1 score. Then again, history still take side on Real Madrid. Statistically, from 5 Supercopa match, Real Madrid have won 4 of them. But we all know, it takes more than just a statistic to win a game against Barcelona.

As we all can remember from last Supercopa, the 5-4 score aggregate result for Barca’s victory came from a highly tension match, if we won’t call it violent. Especially the second leg at Camp Nou, where the referee threw a lot of cards, 8 yellows and 2 reds, which showed their brutality on the pitch. Yet the most annoying thing of the game was Jose Mourinho’s unexceptable behaviour over Tito Vilanova, for poking his eye.

But enough with that, and let us put more focus on the main object here, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These 2 players are no doubt are the biggest reason why El Clasico become more interesting.

Besides Real Madrid vs Barcelona , El Clasico can also be called the clash of Messi and Ronaldo. However, based on the last Spanish league performance, Messi is one step ahead Ronaldo. As we can see on the game, Cristiano Ronaldo performance was just so-so, and far from dangerous. He played below his own standards and failed to create threatening shots.

For the disappointing performance, Cristiano Ronaldo made a statement :

“Physically, we’re not in our best condition. This is normal. We will be better, we’ll try to,”said Ronaldo. “We have tried everything, but we still have to reach the highest level we can.”

And while Ronaldo is still working out to get his performance back, Messi already shown his best by scoring 2 goals in the 5-1 winning over Sociedad, and helped Barcelona to stole 2 points in the standings. Not to mention the pre-season friendly matches, where Messi made similar action by scoring more goals.

This condition is tough even for Ronaldo, which all his action on the pitch will be putting in comparison by the press.  And what makes it even harder, is that the first leg clasico will be held at Camp Nou, a place that is like a playground for Messi and his teammates. The only thing that Real Madrid can do is to give it all out, with 100% of confidence and optimism.

In the end, apart from the heat between the two team, we still expect to see a fairplay and entertaining football match. And may the best team win.

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