Finally !!! Cristiano Ronaldo Baby Talks On Marca

After almost 7 months waiting, Cristiano Ronaldo finally talks about his son on an interview with Marca. And it’s not just that, he opens up his feeling about other personal stuff, like religion, and also his feelings towards Sara Carbonero.

Interview about fatherhood :

” It’s a different responsibility, but I’m liking it. Of course I change my son’s diapers! It’s not my favorite thing to do in the world (laughs) but I do it.”

“My son goes to sleep early, but my mother told me that the other day, while we were playing, he wouldn’t stop crying and he didn’t want to go to sleep until I had scored. After I scored, he fell asleep within five minutes.”

(Ain’t they cute or what ??)

“He’s going to be whatever he wants to be. I would love it if he liked football and were my successor, but we’ll see what happens.”

“I would like to have more children in the future, and I will get married someday.”

About religion :
“I am religious, in my own way, but not as much as Kaká.”

About Sara Carbonero :

“I don’t feel any resentment towards her. I like how she works. I’m not going to change because someone said something bad about me.”

Great attitude, Cris!! She’s just not worth it…

Something missing on the interview, as he didn’t mention anything about Irina. But hold that thought, there will be part 2 and part 3 of the interview coming on today and tomorrow.

The part 2 will be called “Proper names”, and part 3 “The Surprise”.

Hopefully Cris will give us the untold story about his personal life on the last part. Can’t wait !!

For video of Behind the scene Interview, just click HERE>>>


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