Ferguson believes in Ronaldo

Most of Manchester fans have now fallen out of love with Ronaldo following the Portuguese’s misconduct towards the club during the transfer saga.

Various polls show that many of them will have preferred Ronaldo to quit the Man United squad because of the lack of respect he had towards the English Champions.

On another side, some fans – far less harsh on the Star winger – have welcomed Ronaldo’s decision of remaining in England for at least a year. However, their main concern is now on Ronaldo’s commitment.

The player did apologize and pledge his future to Manchester United in an interview with Publico, but these were only words yet to be true.

It may be that Ronaldo gave these comments only to cool things down as Ronaldinho often use to do during his last moments at Barcelona. Like the Brazilian, Cristiano could end up playing disappointingly for the Red Devils.

One man who believes in Ronaldo’s commitment and who has his arms open to the player is the Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson. He stated in an interview on Sunday that time will help Ronaldo see that the Theatre of Dreams is the best place for him to be. He did not make any comment blaming the 23-year-old superstar as a result to the damaged relationship between Real Madrid and Man United. Besides, he did confirm that the Spanish Giants had made one official bid for Ronaldo, which has been turned down by the English club.

In response to Real’s quest of getting Ronaldo out of Manchester United, Fergie is now competing against the Spanish Champions for the transfer of the Valencia midfielder Silva.

It is very much a possibility that Madrid’s last signing was indeed Rafael Van der Vaart. Either way, reports claim that the Spanish club want to sue Ronaldo following the fact that he signed a secret agreement but finally did not make a move.

There are fears that the Portuguese player will be distracted because he will possibly have to compensate Real with a huge amount of money.

As for Fergie, he is confident that Ronaldo will put all these stories behind and that the player can now concentrate solely on Manchester United’s upcoming campaign now that the saga is over.

Written by:Angela Asante

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