Ferguson, a good father to Ronaldo?

During the transfer saga, most football analysts negatively translated Alex Ferguson’s resilience of keeping Ronaldo at Old Trafford. Many shared the opinion that if Fergie was so persistent, it was all because of the fear that Man United’s moments of glory might end should Ronaldo leave.

Well, Ferguson kept on fighting for the young man to stay in England and even went on to state as an argument that there was no place other than Manchester United, where Ronaldo could enjoy success as well as affection.

Whichever purpose was the truth, the manager has well defended himself towards the media and the public.

He is presently reacting as a good father to Ronaldo rather than as a “slave master.” The boss has made it clear that he was not going to rush the Star winger to play active football. Since the end of July, Alex had been worrying about Ronaldo’s injury.

He met at several occasions with Man United’s medical staff to discuss about what should be done for the player to find back his excellent form.

Initially, doctors announced that Ronaldo would need at least 6 weeks to recover from his ankle operation. However, Fergie declared his wish to see Ronaldo totally healed no matter how long it could take him..

The Portuguese will only be able to play in October and consequently, he will miss many games including Manchester United’s clash against Liverpool in September.

Fergie has praised Ronaldo many times and hailed him as the best player of the Manchester United squad, but the manager is also confident that his team can be victorious even without Ronaldo. Of course, no one can deny that Man United’s number 7 presence will be a huge boost to the squad and though it will take time before the winger restarts playing, Alex Ferguson is determined to wait until Ronaldo is fit to join United’s road to glory.

Written by:Angela Asante

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