Fergie Prefers to Spend Money on Cristiano Ronaldo Than Messi

fergie and Cristiano

Sir Alex Ferguson still has a strong feeling towards Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo. Yesterday, although he cleared that he won’t spend big money on buying expensive players, and focusing on recruiting young talented players,who have a promising career, it’s different with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s not my way to buy a player for £60 million,” he explained before Sunday’s match against Sunderland (2/5). But when he asked on whether he wants to spend the money on Lionel Messi or not, he replied,” No. I’d pay £60 million to take Cristiano Ronaldo back, but that’s about it. The market is inflated.”

Ferguson said that he actually has been given financial support by the owners and that it’s his own decision for not spending the £80m he received from selling one of his best player, Ronaldo.

Although there are bad rumors about Cristiano being too selfish and disloyal for leaving a club that had brought him from zero to hero, his relationship with Fergie is still close, as they regularly phone each other. Moreover, Fergie still has high hopes for Cristiano to come back to the Old Trafford.


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