Fergie about to win the game

It seems like Real Madrid is abandoning the fight to have Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.
Earlier in May, realistic Bernd Schuster stated that football was not a one-man game and that therefore, chasing the Portuguese star was in a sense ridiculous.

In an interview with Sky News this week, the coach made a joke saying he was aware that Real Madrid was seriously hunting for a player whom he did not even remember the name very well.

What a funny joke it was! On one hand, it shows how much Bernd Schuster has always advised the Spanish Champions to concentrate on signing other footballers. Now, it has been declared that Real Madrid was going to make a more valuable bid for Van der Vaart. Schuster is a great admirer of the Dutch international and believes his squad is in need of his services.

Only one month remains before the end of the transfer window and unlike Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Man United have done no big changes to their team. If the saga has so much upset both clubs, it is all because of one person whom Italian striker Mario Balotelli calls “arrogant”: the man at the heart of this whole story, Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has let the Red Devils and Los Meringues fill his weight and value. At the long round, he might end up going nowhere but staying at Old Trafford. Alex Ferguson is not far from being the first to win a transfer battle against the Spanish giants. If he indeed succeeds, resilience and time will be what helped him defeat history.

Written by: Angela Assante

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