Exclusive: Cristiano Ronaldo Book ‘Suenos Cumplidos’ Launch -Videos And Pictures

Cristiano Ronaldo presents his book "Suenos Cumplidos" during the launchCristiano Ronaldo standing with his book in his hands during the launchLast week, Cristiano Ronaldo officially launched his biography “Suenos Cumplidos” (which means “Dreams Come True” in English).

The book mainly talks about his professional career and how he came to accomplish his various wishes. It was written by Spanish journalist Enrique Ortego.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan gives you the opportunity to watch video extracts of the book’s launch.

Go to Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Video Gallery and enjoy a few moments that you certainly missed on the day that it was happening live!

In Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Video Gallery, you can also browse among Cristiano Ronaldo’s off-the-pitch pictures and watch some few pics that were captured during his book’s launch.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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