Emirates Will Sign New Contract With Real Madrid

Emirates is rumored to sign new contract with Real Madrid as the club’s main sponsor for next season. It means, soon they will change the Bwin logo in Real Madrid’s jersey.

The possible 5 years contract with Emirates is believed to be worth €22 million per season, €3 million bigger than Bwin yearly contract of €19 million.

Currently, Emirates is still Real Madrid’s second sponsor, that provides the team transportation and become the official airflight for the team with €5 million per year. With the future contract, Los Blancos will have stronger bonds with UEA, after their USD 1 billion resort’s investment in the country.

However, the first club who received the biggest paycheck contract signing is their rival , Barcelona. For one season, Qatar  Foundation pays €30 million, and second place is Manchester United’s AON, with yearly contract of €24 million.

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