Dolores Aveiro Gave Her Blessing To Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina

Portuguese media always reports the problematic relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend Irina and his family, especially his mother and sisters. But after a recent pictures from this summer holiday, where Dolly was seen walking around with the couple and Junior, the media quickly reports the opposite.

Seeing Irina kissing Junior has showed her soft side that indicates her close relationship with Junior aswell.

But still, people might ask on how can Irina interact with Dolly if she can’t speak Portuguese, and Dolly knows nothing in English ? Does this mean Ron has always take his part as a translator in every conversation?

Anyway, after their holiday in Algave, Ronaldo was seen in Lisbon with a friend. Arrived in a black Ferrari, Ronaldo entered one of the most expensive and famous restaurant in Lisbon, accompanied by his friend. And today, Ronaldo is scheduled to return to Valdebebas for a medical checkup and fly to Los Angeles for a preseason training.


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