Cristiano Ronaldo’s True Desire: Goals And Success, Not Nightclubs and Girlfriends

La Liga: Real Madrid 4-2 Almeria. Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo is finally releaved after scoring late on to brush away his disappointment of missing a penalty earlier on.Football’s most iconic personality, Cristiano Ronaldo, is portrayed as a playboy and night clubber.

However, the £ 80 million signing has revealed that scoring goals and being successful with Real Madrid was more of a priority to him than going to nightclubs and partying with girlfriends.

Speaking about his effect since at the Santiago Bernabeu since leaving Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo declared:

“When I arrived at Madrid, everyone judged me. They said I was this and that… people wrote that I would be in clubs every night and having girlfriends.

“Finally, what do they talk about now?

“They talk about the goals that I scored and about the games that I play. That’s all.”

Cristiano Ronaldo then emphasized on his true desire as a Real Madrid player. He concluded:

“With Manchester United, I have won everything. Now I want to win everything at Real Madrid. This is my true desire and no one can doubt it.”

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo is more in the headlines these days for his performances in games for Real Madrid rather than for his off-the-pitch stories. The identity of his girlfriend – if he presently has one – is even unknown or unconfirmed.

Angela Asante, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Editor

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