Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son Mysterious Identity

Cristiano son is barely seen even after he is a month old now. The information about the most wanted baby on the planet are also blur, until now.

The media have tried to find records from the entry into any national airports or airfields. Yet there were nothing to find, which can be assumed that Cris baby had not traveled by plane.

It could be that the child was born in Portugal, or came from another European country.

With the secrecy surrounding the identity of the mother, it is difficult to find the child birth location, aswell as his nationalities. If the new family member was born in Portugal, their record would easily tracked.

Under the Code of Civil Registration, a birth occurred on Portuguese territory must be declared verbally, within 20 days thereafter. ” Cristiano Junior is now a month old and no signs of any formal record. Also Regulation of Nationality determines it to be given to children of Portuguese father or mother that were born abroad to fill birth in the civil registration of their country.

Source of population registers said that ‘the delay could be explained by the fact that the player has completed the registration in a Portuguese embassy or consulate abroad, which will send the data to Portugal’. If the Real Madrid striker give his nationality to the child, the child will be recorded in Portugal and mother’s name must appear. ‘Under the Act, there are no children of a parent incognito. ” If the registrar does not contain the name of the mother, the registrar must give the prosecutor, which opens a verification process of motherhood.


Cristiano has rarely left home during his holiday at Vilamoura. He spent many of his time at the pool, listening to the music. He also likes to spent the afternoons playing with nephews and his son. The house were full with crying babies, probably Cris Jr, who became a month old on 17 July 2010.

Even though his mother Dolores helps him to take care of the baby, with the help of a nurse, Cris tried to bond with his son. According to a source close to the family, when the baby cries Cristiano try to get him to sleep.


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