Cristiano Ronaldo’s Passionate Friendship With Kaka

Cristiano Ronaldo, KakaCristiano Ronaldo and Kaka joined Real Madrid in the same year, and it didn’t take too long for them to become true friends. Kaka once said that Cris tells him everything and that they share secrets together. That includes his love life, career …well everything.

Kaka is actually like Cristiano Ronaldo’s spokesman off-the-pitch. An example. It was the Brazilian midfield who confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t have a twitter account. Later when he did, Kaka made another statement to declare that CR9 was now officially on Twitter.

Kaka and Ronaldo are also close on the pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo, KakaThere are many pictures of them together, especially of Cris hugging Kaka. It seems that Cris is very passionate about Kaka. On this pic, you can see how loving Cris is to his best mate. He grabbs Kaka’s hair, not just once, but twice!!

Maybe he is suggesting Kaka to have a hair cut or something! Kaka hardly changes his hairstyle after all, and I admit that I’d love to see him with some more edgy hairdo… Well, watching those Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo together is very captivating, since they are both so cute…!!


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