Cristiano Ronaldo’s Generosity Continues, Donates $83,000 For Sick Child’s Operation

For Haters, It’s getting harder and harder to dislike Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sure, there will always some who believe he’s too arrogant, greedy or even materialistic. But there’s no denying the man’s compassionate side when it comes to those less fortunate than himself.

CR7 is donating $83,000 to help a family fund a vital operation for their son who suffers from cortical dysplasia, it was reported in Spanish newspaper AS. The 10-month old infant’s condition causes him to have daily seizures.

Ronaldo — who is the current leading scorer in the Champions League and La Liga — was asked to donate a shirt and pair of boots to help raise funds for little Erik Ortiz Cruz. It was a request with which he duly obliged. But that’s not where the Portuguese star’s contribution ended as he has also offered to pay the full cost of the operation.

Okay, so it may only amount to 20% of the striker’s weekly earnings — but it’s gestures like these that are rapidly gaining him more and more recognition for the good he does off the field and not just on it.

Well played, Cristiano!

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