More controversy in Derby v Man U as Ronaldo apparently spitted on Savage.

In Manchester United’s FA Cup win over Derby County last Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo’s disallowed goal provoke quite a lot of controversy, especially after television replays proved that the referees decision was wrong.

The Portuguese Star became the victim of wrong judgement (for the thousandth time this season) as good officiating would have see him hit his 22nd brace for United and his 15th goal of the season.

However, if the match referee Rob Styles was the devil of the day, Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t an angel either. The hot-tempered Star winger broke controversy once more after cameras showed him spitting at Derby’s Robbie Savage.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only footballer in the world to behave in such a way after being infuriated. The greatest stars like Lionel Messi, John Terry and Frank Rikjaard have all done the same thing in the middle of their rage.

It was certainly not the best way to defend himself and only luck saved him from seeing red for the second time this season.

Written by: Angela Asante

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