Cristiano Ronaldo vs Ribery – Champions League Semi-Finals 2nd Leg

Cristiano Ronaldo is at his top condition. His one goal at Camp Nou has helped the team in the Clasico’s  victory, as well as providing a save 7 margin against Barcelona in the table standings.

The next big clash will be tonight, where he and the team have to survive in their home ground for the crucial second leg semi-finals CL match. They need to score at least 1-0 to enter the final round and face Chelsea, and losing is not a choice for them.

Although Ronaldo is in highly confidence after the Clasico winning, he realized that it won’t be easy to face Bayern. They will came to Bernabeu with a great offensive strategy, while mentioned Frank Ribery as the most threatening player.

Ribery and Ronaldo are nearly similar on the field. Both have the same attacking instinct from the wing side, and have an incredibly fast dribling skill. They also mastered in long shots, sharp, and work well with the team in supplying goal assist.

In his total 9 Champions League matches, Ronaldo has collected 8 goals and 3 assist, while Ribery has 3 goal collection and 5 assist in his 10 CL matches.

Who will show the better performance tonight – Ronaldo or Ribery ?

It will be interesting to watch.

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