Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi – Fighting for Pichichi Title

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi both have showed their amazing achievement of goal collection this season. So far, they each have collected 43 goals from total 35 matches in the Spanish League. Who will score the most goal will bring home the pichichi title for the season.

Back 2 seasons ago, Ronaldo and Messi already start the pichichi fights. In season 2009/10, Messi won the title with 34 goals, while Ronaldo who mostly suffered with injury in his first year with Real Madrid can only collect 26 goals.

But on the next season, it was Ronaldo’s turn to grab the pichichi by scoring 40 goals for  the Whites. He was far lead from Messi record in 31 goals.

Clearly, this year the competition between the 2 best players are getting stiffer.  That can be shown on the goal ratio which has increased into 10%.

Messi explained that his goal achievement was because Pep trusted him with a new position as target man. Which mean, he gets all the ball supply, unlike last season, when he mostly play as winger.

For Ronaldo, his ambition is to win the pichichi for the second time. But unlike Messi, Ronaldo have to share the scoring board with other striker such as Benzema or Higuain. So it is tough to see who’s going to win the title, since according to Dani Alves, all Barcelona players will help Messi to keep on scoring and win the title, while Ronaldo have to created his own opportunity.

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