Cristiano Ronaldo vs Denmark – Flop of the Match ?

Portugal’s 3-2 victory over Denmark last night came in as a very close one. The goal from Silvestre Varela, a substitute player, saved the team from leaving early from the Euro 2012 competition. Valera’s name quickly became the spotlight as he mentioned as the team’s saviour, as well as Pepe and Helder Postiga’s name. Unfortunately, for Cristiano Ronaldo, rather then getting a praise for his performance, the media mentioned him as a flop of the match.

Before the game started, Cristiano Ronaldo was considered as the most important player that carried out the burden for the whole team. However, he failed to answer their hope, as his performance was rather disappointing and missed at least 3 golden chances.

His best moment was at minute 77th, where he had a face to face opportunity with Denmark’s goalkeeper in an open shot. But the ball was too wide on the right, and that was the best shot he had until the game ended.

At minute 49th, Cristiano Ronaldo actually had the similar chance with Stephan Andersen, the goalie. But somehow the Portugal captain failed to finish it into a goal.

And at the injury time, rather then creating more goal opportunity, Cristiano Ronaldo received  a yellow card. And until the match ended, he failed to present a pleasing performance for the national team. And to sum it up, the Real Madrid’s forward made another mistake in an interview after the match. Not happy by being pointed out as the flop of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo made a comparison with his rival Messi .

“Last year at this time Messi was eliminated from the Copa America and also playing at home. That’s worse, right? I’m here fighting to move to the next phase of the Euro”, stated Ronaldo to the media.

No doubt the press will use this against him.


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