Cristiano Ronaldo Urged His Family Not to Come To South Africa for WC

Cristiano Ronaldo family will not come to South Africa to watch him plays for Portugal. They prefer to stay at home and  watch the match from television.

Elma Aveiro, his sister revealed that Cris urged his family, starts with his mother, to canceled their plans for traveling to South Africa to follow him and the team during the World Cup. He considered that the country is a dangerous place and it’s more safer for them to stay in Portugal. He also think that the host country doesn’t offer a sufficient security for foreign visitors.

“We always wanted to be with him during his games and competitions, but this time it’s different,” explained Elma, who represented her brother at an awards ceremony of Portuguese athletes.

It seems not only Cristiano who thinks about the safety of his family, some of Portugal players also avoid on bringing their family with them. Simao, for example, he didn’t bring his wife Filipa Sabrosa. Despite hearing the information that it is a very safe place for tourism, his family advised her not to go.

“There will be many Europeans and it will increase the risk of kidnapping.  It’s not worth the risk,” Simao said. many Europeans and increases the risk of kidnappings. Not worth the risk. ”


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