Cristiano Ronaldo Twitter Debate Over: Kaka confirms C. Ronaldo Has No Twitter Yet!

Cristiano Ronaldo smiles during the launch of his biography 'Suenos Cumplidos'It may sound weird but it’s true… at least, according to Real Madrid’s Kaka. Cristiano Ronaldo does not have a Twitter account! Is C. Ronaldo afraid of being close to his fans or is it just a matter of disinterest?

Millions of Cristiano Ronaldo fans are desperately seeking to be connected with the Portuguese superstar on either Facebook or Twitter.

Now, Ronaldo’s identity may be hidden on the popular social network Facebook but the case is believed to be different on Twitter.

Simply because Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have a Twitter! So fans, I guess it’s time to stop searching around andRicardo Kaka embraces Cristiano Ronaldo as he congratulates the Real Madrid number 9 for scoring so early against Villarreal at the El Madrigal stadium. wishing to read few C. Ronaldo quotes on

Attempting to end all speculations, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid teammate Kaka tweeted recently:

“I was talking with Cristiano Ronaldo today about twitter… He confirmed that he doesn’t have a twitter yet! So all that is out there [C. Ronaldo twitter speculations] are fakes!”

Fans can keep dreaming and having illusions… Cristiano Ronaldo might never open a Twitter account. Oh, but perhaps Ronaldo has a Twitter under a pseudo, rather!

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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