Cristiano Ronaldo Thigh Injured on Training Session

Cristiano Ronaldo suffered an injury after of Mourinho’s intense workouts on 30 July. The Portuguese had a slight stress on the thigh of the right leg and was brought during the working session with a Muslera.

The striker’s physical problems doesn’t seem to be serious, since he still completed the entire morning training session just like the other fellow team-mates, but required the attention of Dr. Hernandez at the end of the session. Afterwards, Mourinho and Rui Farias approached him to ask him about the injury.
cris injury
However, even though it’s not very serious, but Real Madrid physiotherapist’s attention still required. If in a few days Cris discomfort doesn’t seem to get better, he will have to lower the workout in order to fullyrecover.  Until yesterday, the Portuguese winger had only been in four workouts, but completed at the same pace as the other players who had started the preseason from the beginning, on 16 July.

Well, let’s hope that he’s going to get better for the friendly match.


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