Cristiano Ronaldo – The Most Deserving one for Ballon d’Or 2013

If Cristiano Ronaldo is denied the Ballon d’Or in favor of Lionel Messi once again, it will be time to reevaluate the process that determines the winner of the coveted award.

First and foremost, Ronaldo deserves the award, he has the best season and year if we talk about individuality. He clearly outshines messi and ribery with his performance and goal scoring consistency.

Earlier this week, As the Mirror’s John Cross reported, Agencia News, which nailed the exact top five of last year’s award, reported that Lionel Messi has won the award.

As a sign of how seriously this report is being taken, Cross passed along that the odds on Messi to win the award saw a huge drop after the report and that William Hill bookies “admitted they had ‘never seen anything like it.'”

Earlier also, arguments being made for Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery winning this award over Ronaldo, but ribery too ain’t stands infront of ronaldo in terms of performance. The Barcelona star and four-time defending Ballon d’Or winner has been brilliant once again this year, but it has been far from his most productive season, and he’s spent much of the past year missing time with injury.

If we talk about Individual Performances which on Ballon d’Or is said to have been decided till now, Here is the report:

Counting all competitions but international friendlies for 2013, Ronaldo’s goal scoring is greater than the combined total of Ribery and Messi. The Real Madrid star has netted 67 goals. Messi’s got 45 and Ribery 21.

There has long been an argument that Ronaldo doesn’t get his goals in the biggest moments. It won’t help his case that his Real Madrid squad failed to defend their La Liga title. Instead, Messi’s Barcelona took the top spot.

What will help his case, however, is his performances for Portugal in their qualifying run for the World Cup. In nine such appearances, Ronaldo scored 10 goals for Portugal. That includes four goals in the two-leg playoff to get Portugal into the World Cup.

In the decisive second game of that playoff with Sweden, Ronaldo netted a hat trick.

Meanwhile, Ribery also had to win a playoff to help France advance to Brazil, but he didn’t shine in those matches. Argentina didn’t have as difficult a time advancing to Brazil. As a result, Messi was not given a similar stage to shine.

Ronaldo‘s year didn’t produce the same kind of hardware as the years of Messi and Ribery, but that certainly isn’t due to Ronaldo‘s performance.

He furthered his legend this past year, and it is time he should be recognized for that with the 2013 Ballon d’Or.

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