Cristiano Ronaldo, the mind game teaser

If Jose Mourinho is a good mind game player, then Cristiano Ronaldo is an excellent mind game teaser.
The Nerazzuri Portuguese coach claimed several times that Ronaldo was an over-rated player and that Inter Milan’s Ibrahimovic was a much better than him.

It seemed like Ronaldo had not heard Mourinho’s comment at that time, and it’s only now – as the day for United to meet Inter draws closer – that the Portuguese ace broke his silence over this issue.

“I respect the opinion of everyone, but the trophies that counts are at my house,” Ronaldo said in an interview with RaiSport.

“Inter are a strong team, with some great players, but we are better than them and I strongly believe we can beat them. Eliminating them will bring us one step closer to the final.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is aiming to help United retain their Champions League crown. It won’t be an easy task for sure and the 24 year old knows how good mind games can do for his team.

What counts most though will be the results on the pitch.

Written by: Angela Asante


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