Cristiano Ronaldo, the Great Portuguese in England

In these last five years, the English Premier League has experienced a transformation. Besides any other reason such as money, the revolution of English Soccer is also due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence.

Many people portray the Rocket as a blessing in England. Despite the controversies that he has caused, it is impossible to right off his contribution to the English Premier League.

His physiognomy, his distinctive and fast style of playing soccer and, his achievements has helped the English Premiership rise to another level.

The former Madeira starlet has developed to become a special person in Manchester United. Praises should certainly be given to Alex Ferguson who brought the Portuguese in England back in 2003. Since the Star has performed above anyone’s expectations, it seems that Portuguese players are now considered differently.

With personalities like Jose Mourinho, Ricardo Carvalho, Deco, Nani, Carlos Queiros, and Ronaldo himself – the reigning EPL player of the year – can we speak about a Portuguese conquest in England?

Written by: Angela Asante

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