Cristiano Ronaldo, the bad boy?

The atmosphere of the stadium in Brasilia that featured the home side trouncing Portugal 6-2 on Wednesday was nothing less than frustrating for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Superstar winger who earlier joked that he could fill all three places for the Fifa Player of the Year, was given a harsh correction from the Brazilians who taunted him in the most wounding way.

Thiago Silva, who escaped Cristiano Ronaldo’s tackle, played an important role in Brazil’s breathtaking performance as he prevented the European Player of the Year from shining throughout the night.

Looking back at the incident that happened between him and Ronaldo, Silva said:

“I don’t accept his apology. He has the cheek to say I jumped over his tackle. But if I did not jump he would have broken my leg.

“Being considered the best player in the world, he must have more respect. It is difficult to accept what he did.

“He is a little [naughty], yes. But that is football. And we need to know to deal with it. He was nervous because he couldn’t create anything.”

Real Madrid’s Marcelo also had a word or two on Ronaldo’s behaviour during the match.

“Ronaldo was out of order and a bigmouth,” he said. “He elbowed me off the ball, then tried to have a shouting match about it.”

Apart from hot issues such as this summer’s transfer saga or the story of Rooney’s red card during the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo has not been a player that enters in referees’ books regularly.

As a teenager, Ronaldo – who suffered two miserable unsuccessful seasons at Old Trafford – often had to deal with his nerves. Bad games certainly let him become a bad boy.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo start to tarnishing his own reputation on the pitch?

Written by: Angela Asante

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