Cristiano Ronaldo Talks in Rogresso dos Incriveis

In the program ‘The return of the incredible’, issued by the Portuguese television Sic, we discover the more intimate side of Cristiano Ronaldo. In the pool he played and bathe his pet dog, while in the lounge he juggled with his socks, as if it’s a ball, and he showed his sports car collection. Nice…!!

“I love who I am”, he says in an interview on Portuguese television colleague while introducing his luxurious house in La Finca, ozuelo de Alarcon, which located on the outskirts of Madrid.

Cristiano  acknowledges the early bird as he said,” When training I like to be there at 8:30, I go easy for the traffic. There are days I even come before the kit men. Some people are still surprised to see me.”

“I miss not having enjoyed most of my childhood. From my childhood I always felt that I was different from others.”

Cristian said, recalling his time as a child, “I have the strong personality of my mother and my father’s kindness.”

He also speaks of his life even more personal, “The girl of my dreams is out there.  Some day I will get married, sooner or later.  I have a great respect for women.”

Too bad he doesn’t talk about his current girlfriend, IF he has any…


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