Cristiano Ronaldo stars in two bizarre Japanese ads

When you’re a global football sensation, getting endorsement deals is a walk in the park. But maintaining an image as your fame enhances, is vital. This is done not only with how you perform on the field, deal with life off it but also on what sort of advertisement deals you agree too (you need to keep it respectable).

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current Ballon D’Or winner and one of the most recognizable faces in modern day football. Endorsements thus, are easy to come by. Though Ronaldo already employs a PR agency for his image, they clearly seem to be dropping their performance.

We’d explain the first ad and the product within it, but we are quite not sure what it is. It’s apparently to get a perfect smile, but it involves sticking an object in your mouth and shaking your head up & down..okay we’ll stop. Take a look.

The second, a little less bizarre, but many have called into question what this particular product resembles. Again, we’ll leave you to it.

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