Cristiano Ronaldo Sided Off For Levante’s Match

real madrid trainingCristiano Ronaldo is reportedly sick of flu, and won’t be able to perform on tomorrow’s match against Levante. Yesterday, he missed today training session when he was told to get home to rest.

On the first leg match, Cris also called sick, but he was able to play. He made a hat-trick which led Real Madrid to win a big 8-0.

However, Cristiano was seen on training today, with Casillas, Marcelo, Albiol, Diarra, Di Maria, Xabi Alonso,and Ozil, who also will be side off for tonight’s match. The training today is for preparation for the next match against Villarreal.

The session started at 10:30, and the players practice their shoots with Casillas as the goalkeeper. They ended the session with a practice match.

Morinho decided to not play some of the first team, and use 5 players from academy.  Pepe and Carvalho made the cut since they were absence on last Monday match for being suspended.


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