Cristiano Ronaldo Shows His House on “Supercasas”

Cristiano Ronaldo showed his house in Madrid for a closer looks in a special TV Program in LaSexta (23 Jan) called “Supercasas”, where we can see 6 celebrities mantion.

Cristiano showed his amazing house decoration, with an expensive and unique materials, that he chose himself during his freetime.

We can also take a peek on his son’s room, Cris Jr for the first time. As you can see, the room is very simple and modern, unlike other babies room. Not too much toys we could find on the big empty room. It’s very clean and sleek, just like his daddy’s room.
cris jr room
The other celebrities that also showed their mansion were Raul Gonzalez, Zidane, Michel Salgado, Fonsi Nieto, and also singer Madonna.

Although Cris has showed his place for a few times on the media, on this show, it was the first time he was compared to the other celebrities house.  Too bad there is no video available yet, but if there is, I will post it ASAP.


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