Cristiano Ronaldo Represent Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ at Bangkok (16 July 2012)



After spending 10 days of his summer vacation at Phang Nga, Cristiano Ronaldo flew to Bangkok to make his appearance as Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ ambassador.He also renewed the contract for another  year that is worth 3-5 million euros.

More than 300 journalist attended the event to catch the Q &A moment with Cristiano Ronaldo. As for the fans, he shared message for their support during his time in Thailand.

“I thank all of them for giving fantastic support to me since I arrived. In the hotel, I could see from the television that people here really love football and for me that’s amazing because in my life that’s what I do. I thank and urge them to keep supporting,” said Ronaldo.

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