Cristiano Ronaldo Ready to Play Against Osasuna

Cristiano Ronaldo is back on the game !! Tonight he will be playing with Real Madrid in La Liga match against Osasuna at Santiago Bernabeu.

Yesterday, Mourinho made a statement on a press conference that he will play Ronaldo as a starter team, since it’s an important game. They cannot afford another goaless draw. That is why Cristiano spent this couple of weeks just doing training and exercise recovery .

“Cristiano Ronaldo will be a starter. I am afraid of the possibility he may get injured again. I am afraid someone may hit him, but that’s normal in football. He has been training at least five hours a day at Valdebebas. The Medical Staff and the player say he’s 100% fit to play, so he has the same risk of getting injured as the rest of his team-mates. He will play because he is fit and because it will be a difficult game.”

And for his position, Mou will be pairing Cristiano with Higuain as a striker.


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