Cristiano Ronaldo Pushed Coach “Pep” On the Side Field

RM vs  Barca12It must have been the most humiliating moments for Real Madrid to face a huge loss to their eternal rival, Barcelona at El Clasico match yesterday night. The Whites has to go back to Valdebebas with zero goal in hand, while the host collected 5 goals in their face.

Angry, humiliated, and feeling hopeless was definitely got inside the Real’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo, when he rudely pushed coach Pep Guardiola on the sideline.

It wasn’t entirely Cristiano’s fault , since Pep provoke angry Cris to do that. Pep was the one who holds the ball, when Cristiano reached out to take the ball from Pep’s hand, when suddenly Pep deliberately ignored Cris and threw away the ball and passed it to Messi. Feeling hurt, Cris pushed Pep and walked away back on the field.

Unfortunately, the scene didn’t end there. Barcelona players didn’t accept Cris behaviour and they were trying to defend the coach. Victor Valdes was the one who made a hard protest with the Portuguese, and the situation got heated even more. The ref later gave both Victor and Cristiano yellow cards. But it was too late. They created fires inside the rivalry, and the ref got busy on booking the players with yellow cards all through the match.

For watching the video of the incident, just click HERE>>>


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