Cristiano Ronaldo – Protest Too Much ??

Cristiano Ronaldo still affected by Portugal’s failure in World Cup where he took all the consequences and the burden on his back. His disputed with Ivory Coast player and the jury, showed a nervousness as a captain in South Africa. And clearly he  still finds it a problem when he traveled back to Real Madrid.

We can see his performance with the Whites against the Peñarol for Santiago Bernabéu Trophy. Cristiano made an excessive protest to the referee and asked for more protection. He made a disturbing gesture, just to show his protest where he considered that he faced too many violation from the opponent.

Mourinho and Florentino Perez finds his protest is unnecessary and it will lead to nothing. They also concerned about Cristiano’s attitude, and worried that his behaviour could cause an expulsion from the match.

There is no doubt of his professionalism and his performance in each workout, but when he’s on the match, his attitute changed radically. It is possible that his behaviour came from his dissatisfaction for not able to reach back on top of his performance. This is something that Mou has to deal with in a short time, since the season is just about to start.


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