Cristiano Ronaldo Press Conference In Guangzhou, China(2 August 2011)

Cristiano Ronaldo visits to Guangzhou wasn’t his first time. When he was still with Manchester United, Ronaldo made a short visit with the Red Devils.

“The city has not changed. It’s very hot and very humid, not very different to when I came here with  Manchester,”said Ronaldo on todays press conference in Guangzhou.

On the event, he spoke about the Clasico Supercopa against Barcelona, that will start this month.

“It is always important to win, but now we concentrate on the preparation. Of course it will be difficult to stop them, but now we are focused on the training day.”

When compared with Real Madrid performance last season, Ronaldo said “I can’t answer that question yet. When the competition starts, we can have this conversation, but the truth is we have new great players. It’s a long season and there will be many big games. In time you will see the difference. ”

Ronaldo also asked about his possibility to return to England, and as always, he answered, “Why not, you may never know”

But when he asked whether they need to sign another striker or not, Ronaldo tried to avoid the question, and leave the answer for the club’s President.

Ronaldo also admitted that he doesn’t feel worry about his rivalry with Messi and Xavi Hernandez, for UEFA Best player Award.

And for the friendly match tomorrow, Ronaldo is excited to play against Guangzhou Evergrande. Despite it’s only a friendly, Ronaldo said that he wanted to win the match, because it could help them when the season starts.


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