Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Pooing’ Pottery

The hilarious little Cristiano figurines, known as ‘caganers’, have been available in Barcelona since Christmas and are something of a festive tradition in the area.

The caganers (pooers) are a traditional Catalan Christmas decoration (they appear in the nativity scenes) but are sold all year round.

Footballers, celebs, politicians all sell well – no surprise to see Cristiano doing well on the sales list, even though the pottery doesn’t resemble him exactly.

Local craftsmen made theese creations every year, brings back to 18th century, where Catalonians used caganers as a gifts, or hide as part of a game for friends, or just invites guest to look for them.

But I wonder why they haven’t made Messi caganers, since it will sell more in Barcelona.

Besides, with El Classico coming up this month, perhaps people would by more of theese, which will  brings prosperity to their side.


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