Cristiano Ronaldo Plans To Visit Dr.Van Dijk in Holland

Cristiano Ronaldo will be sidelined for the next 2 or 3 weeks due to ankle injury. The injury occured in the beginning of the match against Mallorca. His ankle got sprayed to reduce the pain. Although he played the full match, but he left the stadium limping noticeably.

Yesterday, the Real Madrid striker checked his injury in Clinic Sanitas-La Moraleja. He arrived before 13:00 and it lasted 50 minutes. He came on driving his own car. And today, he reportedly planning on travelling to Holland to see Dr. Van Dijk.

Dr Carlos Diez who examined his ankle said, “The bruising has nothing to do with the problems of last season. These are completely different. Let’s see how it evolves clinically and from Hence we make decisions.”
“The treatment is based on rest, ice, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy … Cristiano is good, because it seemed that the injury could be much worse, no big deal.”he added.

However, although it is complicated, the Portuguese want to shortened his recovery and planned double sessions of work out. He want to be able to play the match against Ajax at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid will soon sent the result of the testing to the Portuguese Footbal Federation, so that Cris won’t have to play on the Portuguese qualification.


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