Cristiano Ronaldo Paid £10 million to Keep the Baby’s Mom Secrecy

Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby rumor never seems to be over. Last night, a pal from the Real Madrid striker claimed that Cristiano paid the baby’s mom with a staggering £10 million for her silence. The amount is equal to his one year paycheck.

He even described it as “the most expensive day of my life”, although he believed that it was worth it to keep the mystery woman anonymous forever. He intends to keep it secret to his baby boy, until he is old enough to understand.

The source also described the mom as a “party girl”, and not someone Ronaldo would spend the rest of his life with. Ronaldo, 25, is said to have transferred £10million to her on Monday in return for her giving up any rights to see the child and swearing her to total secrecy.

The source said, “He paid nearly a year’s wages but it’s more than worth it. He’s called it the most expensive day of his life, but at least he has sole custody.”

But there are rumors about he used a surrogate mother as he planned for the baby deliberately. Portugal News paper reported that the baby was made in Miami as he spotted visiting Mayo Clinic in Miami. The news seem to be suspicious, and there are posibilities that Cristiano’s side spread the surrogate mom rumor to cover the real story behind his baby birth.


On the Head lines it’s said that :

the player was at a procreation clinic.
mother supported him during the prosess
CR9 in New York with Irina Shayk


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