Cristiano Ronaldo on Vacation With Irina ??

Cristiano Ronaldo was on a vacation in Greece, and took some of his pictures there for his fans on Facebook.

But Portuguese media has reported that Cris wasn’t traveled alone, like on the pictures, but with girlfriend Irina, the Russian model. The media even wrote that she left her job on New York just to be with  her boyfriend.

It seems that the bond between the two lovey – dovey are getting stronger after his holiday on New York. Cris even planning to take Irina to live with him in Spain, when he joins Real Madrid squad again, soon.cris1

As you know, Cris is reportedly to be back with Real Madrid on July 26th. But now, he is nowhere to be found. No news, pictures of where he might be right now. It’s like he’s hiding to enjoy the last week of his vacation.

Could it be that they are preparing for the wedding, that rumored to be held on December ?? Then again, no evidence, just rumor….


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