Cristiano Ronaldo Needs to Play Arrogant and Selfish – Mou Played Him on The Wrong Position

Mourinho finally able to set his new team member to work together and bond as a solid team, but there’s still one problem left for him. His biggest problem now will be Cristiano Ronaldo. The Special One has difficulties on figured out the best position for the Portuguese player, and he must do it quickly.

He actually already find a new dream team for his starter team squad, including to placed Gonzalo Higuain up front for striker, and Mesut Ozil in the middle. But things could be hard for Cristiano, since his position is replaced by Ozil. He loves to play freely in the middle, and wait for the right moment to go through the penalty box and started scoring. Back then at ManUtd, he used to play on the right, and moved steadily to the centre to score.

Last season, Cristiano played upfront with Higuain, or behind him, but he get to moved where he pleased. And now, with Ozil on the team, Cris couldn’t have his perfect place to score, since Mou placed him as a right winger, and plays out wide to allow Higuain, Ozil and di Maria to get to scoring position.  Cristiano new position makes him harder to score, and that’s when he started to frustrate. His not the centre of Real Madrid anymore, but on the other side, he expected to score.

It’s a huge pressure for Cristiano, who loves to score the most. That’s why he tried to shot a few times even when he wasn’t on the right position, and failed. That made him looks awful and the media accused him of being selfish. The problem is, he is made to score since the very beginning, and putting him on the wrong place, and doesn’t give him to explore real value is just a sin. Cris need to score to gain back his confident, that way he can play better and better.

But with Mou new plans and tactics, we can’t expect the best from Cris for the rest of the season, unless Mou realize what he did wrong and put him back on the right track, and let him do his job. We do want the arrogant and selfish Cristiano Ronaldo back again on pitch.


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