Cristiano Ronaldo named Global Ambassador of Emirates Airlines (Mar 28, 2014)

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the new global ambassador for Emirates.

Ronaldo: “It is the best airline in the world and I am proud to be part of the family of Emirates.”

“It was very special and fun. I had a great time and the ad shows how fun it was this recording. Shooting on a new plane was fantastic. I look forward to flying on that plane. The quality is huge. Being with a legend like Pele is spectacular. Generations change and he belonged to a great generation. I could show the respect we feel for his generation. Pelé was always an example to which I admired.

“People have to follow their dreams. It’s not easy. It’s good to want to be and have to work constantly. I love being a footballer and it is important to be themselves. ”

“As a child I noticed the figures of the Portugal and wanted to be like them. My goal was to play with the selection as Figo and Rui Costa. At 18 I played my first match. “

“We have good team but are Spain, Brazil, Germany and Argentina. They are favorites and that’s good for us because we are not under pressure. I am very confident, but let’s go step by step, game by game. The match against Germany will be difficult but I think we can make a good World Cup. ”

“I’ll try to watch every game I can. It is a fantastic competition in a month. We will look at Brazil and especially in Spain, where I have many friends. “[fbphotos id=674454745945967]

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