Cristiano Ronaldo: My two reasons for leaving Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United for good. Well, actually, he is on the brink of completing his move to the Spanish capital where the sun is almost every day present.

Ronaldo’s switch to the Santiago Bernabeu was all but predictable, but because of Ronaldo’s constant “statements of commitment” to the Red Devils (which seemed to brush away the possibility of a transfer), many Manchester United fans have been left puzzled, disappointed, or angry.

Speaking to the News of the World, Cristiano Ronaldo explained his reasons for leaving the current World Champions:

“After we won the European Cup [Champions League], I began to think that there was nothing left for me to achieve in Manchester.

“I realised that when you achieve everything, it is time to seek a new challenge. I stayed another year and enjoyed it, but my dream was to play for Real Madrid.”

Many believe that Cristiano Ronaldo left the cold and rainy atmosphere of Old Trafford to embrace the glamour and fame of ‘Spain’s Circus’ (Real Madrid) as some call it.

But the World Player of the Year insisted:

“Of course I did not move for money.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was sensational in the 2007/08 season and he got rewarded with a multitude of awards. Predictably, Lionel Messi will be crowned as the World’s Best this year and Cristiano Ronaldo may end up with no individual trophy. But the grown kid of Madeira, who has always loved to dream big, still wishes to be on top of the world.

He concluded:

“What I want is to be the greatest player in the world. I know I need to work a lot, but that is my goal.

“And it is clear that if you become the best player of Real Madrid, you will become one of the best in history.”

Cristiano Ronaldo may have to compete against his own teammate, Ricardo Kaka, to achieve his dream of being the greatest player in the world.

Written by: Angela Asante

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