Cristiano Ronaldo Latest Injury Report – Start Training On the Pitch (8 Sept 2010)

After 10 days having a closed door training recovery schedule, today Cristiano Ronaldo is back to training on the field. Since he was determined to get rest from the match for 2 to 3 weeks, he has been working hard for his recovery. He is looking forward to be able to perform with his team-mates against Ajax, on Champions League opening match.

Right now, Cristiano has entered the second phase of his recover, which is working out on the pitch. All this week, he was on pool and the gym to overcome the swelling he had on teh affected area. And after 10 days, the Real Madrid doctors decided that he’s now ready to exercise on the pitch, alone. This second phase is crucial to see how the ankle responds the training process. If nothing goes wrong, then at the end of the week, he will be able to training with other team-mates.

But before that, there is other examination he must pass, such as hitting the ball, controlling, and more. He takes all the training recovery in hurry, but also carefull with lno risk. He wants to return against Ajax, however,he doesn’t want to risk on getting another injury.


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