Cristiano Ronaldo Junior With Grandma at Madeira

Cristiano Junior was seen at Madeira with grandma Dolly last week. Apparently, the Ronaldo mini-me was attending Dolly’s boyfriend birthday party, minus his dad.

Junior, or called Cristianinho in Portugal, was wearing cute Gucci clothes, that has his name on it. And for  Cris fans around the world who are curious about the baby’s real name, well, it’s being official that Junior name is also Cristiano, comes after his famous dad. How did I know this ? At least that was the name that got printed on his little Gucci clothes.

And talking about the clothes, it also comes with a price. For original people like me, the price is pretty expensive. But for Ronaldo, it’s just nothing.  Jr wears a mini Gucci jacket that cost £245, with a £175 jeans and a £145 matching baby shoes. In total……count yourself….

Too bad there are no other pictures from Jr from the occassion, as the paparazzi in Madeira don’t seem to do their job well. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the newest pictures from the cute little Cristiano.


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