Cristiano Ronaldo Joins the Star-line at Madame Tussauds

cristiano ronaldo statue2

It’s about time for Cristiano Ronaldo, the world famous football star to entered the coolest spot of Madame Tussauds, London. He will join other celebrities and famous stars in their best pose.

Facing World Cup 2010 in about 5 weeks ahead, it’s obviously not complete without the presence of one of the most sexy football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a magnet for the tourist hotspot, and putting his figure in a museum will make the place full of crowds.

This summer, his wax statue will be ready to make his debut at the world famous attraction ahead of the competition. He’ll join the other football star statue, such as Steven Gerrard, and David Beckham. Of course, he will be posed with a Portugal training kit, which donated by the star himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo was excited with the idea of him standing in a famous museum, he even took the time attend a sitting with Madame Tussauds sculptors at the Real Madrid training ground back in December. It takes 4 months to finish the figure, and it costs a staggering £150,000 , pretty expensive for the most expensive player in the world.

Liz Edwards, Madame Tussauds spokesperson said,” We have been overwhelmed with public requeasts to feature Cristiano Ronaldo.” Could he be more famous than he is right now ??


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