Cristiano Ronaldo is Obsessed in Protecting His Reputation

cris coverCristiano Ronaldo is obsessed in protecting his image. Garrigues, a law firm in Madrid, has given orders to pursue any information that it is prejudicial, as was done by Telecinco.

“He will not tolerate, not even one,” A source explained referring to the ‘false’ statements that Telecino made over Cristiano Ronaldo’s off-the-pitch matters a few weeks ago. The law firm will be taking care of clearing Cristiano Ronaldo’s image and reputation. Guarrigues is not willing to tolerate the smallest falsehood about the Real Madrid star’s private life.

Telecinco actually made a statement, accusing Cristiano of having a party before and after El Clasico. As many believed in those reports, CR9’s image has virtually been tarnished. Later on, Kiko Hernandez who made up the story, was sued by Cristiano Ronaldo along with the TV channel itself, Telecinco. And even though Telecinco officially apologized to Real Madrid and their play maker, Cris has not made any comment whether he wants to continue the case or not.

People who know him well explained that the Portuguese lives for football. His obsession is to become the best player in the world and he devotes his life doing all the efforts. And that apparently shows every day.

“If he attends a social event and he takes a bit of chocolate, it means that the next day he’ll be half an hour in the gym,” said a source close to Cristiano Ronaldo. He will be careful not to damage all his efforts.

The professional career of most athletes, if not all, is influenced by life matters. It goes without saying that the effect private life issues create through bad press can be damaging. Being aware of that, Cristiano Ronaldo decided long time ago to adopt a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ with the media that attack him with false news.


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