Cristiano Ronaldo Is Fed Up With The Injuries

Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted that he already fed up with the injuries he suffered. But what makes him upset the most is that he couldn’t help his national team in a friendly match. He only able to watch the match from the bench, when Portugal plays friendly with Chile at Estadio Magalhaes Pessoa today. And he will also missed another friendly against Finland, just 3 days after Chile match.

“I’m fed up with the injuries. Now all my activities are being limited,”said the Portuguese forward.

“Unfortunately, the medical team said that I’m not in a good condition. I want to be fully recover, and immediately returns to the field.”

With a hamstring injury, Ronaldo needs at least 2-3 weeks of recovery. His injury is consider to be worse then it seems, since his femoral biceps in his left thigh is swelling, and there’s a fluid around the injury. To recover, it needs a series of physiotherapy. If it takes 3 weeks for him to get better, then he will return on April 10th. It means, he could miss a match against Sporting Gijon (3/4), Tottenham Hotspur (6/4) and also Athelico Bilbao (10/4).

“Physically, my condition is not too good. I want to quickly recovered for 100%. Suffering an injury always makes me worried, and it can affect my psychology, “Ronaldo opened his concern about the injury.

But despite being tired facing all medical problems, he tried to be professional. He won’t do anything like forcing his condition to recover more quickly, and won’t be playing unless the medical team allowed him to.


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